Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Deavay's Dinobot

The Dinobot is a powerful dinosaur that can bust down trees rocks and can beat other dinosaurs that are bigger. The Dinobot lived in the early cretaceous period and it is a very strong dinosaur. This Dinobot has serrated teeth like a chainsaw and when its teeth are dull they fall out and grow back in 20 seconds.

The dinobot can lay 78 eggs but only 34 grows up into adults and the other ones get eaten or wanders off and drowns in the water. The name Dinobot means king of the bots and there are hundreds of species and they are immune to water but not the baby Dinobots it's Immune to fire and immune to trees and rocks if they fall on them. The size of the dinobot is 159 meters tall and it is 90 meters wide.  

The Dinobot has different enemies and they are called the karakaorapter the killidactyl and there are others. The Dinobot is really fast and can run up to two thousand three hundred and eighty nine mps and can jump up to 29 meters high. The Dinobot is a good climber because it has the bulldozers scoopers for feet to climb up steep mountains and volcanos when they don’t erupt.

The Dinobots weakness is lava rocks from volcanoes but not regular rocks. When the Dinobots hatchlings are born the mother protects them from predators and the father goes out hunting for food for the hatchlings. All Dinobots can eat nine hundred pounds of meat and can still be in shape and it can eat one thousand humans in one gulp.

One Dinobot can easily take down two Triceratops and a stegosaurus at the same time without a single scratch. A dinosaur with hard enough teeth to bite the Dinobot and the dinosaur that has hard  enough claws to be able to scratch the Dinobot too. The Dinobot likes to live in the forest because there are lots of herbivore in the forest.  


Thursday, 26 November 2015

virtual reality goggles

On tuesday we went to the staff room and there were virtual reality goggles some were ready and some were charging. We all getted to have one but some kids did not get virtual reality goggles. There were three kids from ms berrys class that joined to and the kids that didn't have virtual reality goggles the kids next to them had to give them a turn.

There were lots of exhibits and there was a sea turtle exhibit underwater exhibits and their was a exhibits that you were in a cage with sharks around you and a space exhibit. My favorite exhibits was the space one under water one with the sharks and the sea turtle one. The were lots of exhibits and there an exhibit where there was a blue whale and seals.

When you're in a exhibit you can look around you and you can see lots of different things like animals or space bugge in the space exhibit. There so many things in the exhibits and so many things to see in the exhibits too. There was lots of kids looking around in their virtual reality goggles and teachers were looking too.

We got to look at lots of exhibits but when it was time to go to class we put the virtual reality goggles back and headed back to class. We got our bags and shoes and sat on the mat and waited for the bell to ring so we could go home. I liked the virtual reality goggles and I had so much fun and I hope I can do it again.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

deavay museum trip

On Friday my class went to the Museum trip and there were choices to do. We all had some adults and some kids in my class went with them. My group had six people and their names were Joshua , Justice , Nytram , Awathan , Ayman and me Deavay.

The first Activity was learning what a paleontologist does and we got to hold a fossil. The first fossil was T-Rex hand it had three claws one big claw one small claw and a medium claw. The second thing I holded was a triceratops droppings and I had to hold it and smell it.

For morning tea we went outside the museum and we ate our lunch and had a little play. There    were lights for people to look at and there were seven lights. Then when it was time to go back inside the museum we packed our thing then we went.

The second activity was to find and write something down and tick it when it was done. My group was going backwards and the were lots of pages to do. The first place to go to was encountered but when we were looking for it we didn't know where to go and we got lost.   

When we were finished we the encountered place we did the rest of the places. We didn't get to do all of the places because it was time for lunch. We geted to eat lollies at lunch time and we rolled down the hill in clean rubbish bags.

That was my first time at the museum and we getted to see lots of things their. On the way back to school I was with my friends justice and josh. When we got back to school we got our bags and we sat on the mat and waited for the bell to ring.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Time with friends

You have just had a time when you’ve done something special with your friends and classmates.

Write to recount that time.

Write about:
  • when and where you did something special
  • who was with you
  • what you did (think about the order you did things)
  • how you felt and why you felt this way.

Remember to:
  • choose your words carefully
  • write in full sentences
  • take care with your spelling and punctuation
  • give your writing a title if you want to
  • check your work: read it through and fix any mistakes you find

Jumped as high as I could. Sprinted as fast as I could. The javelin accelerated in the air. Pushing the shot put ball as far as I could.

On friday the whole of Pt England school did athletics and there were lots of activities to do. The school went to the court and our principal Mr Burt explained every thing. The year ones went to their first activity then the year twos then the year threes then the year fours.

The first activity Room eleven and twelve did was high jump and I was in the right handed group. When it was my turn to jump over the bar I sprinted and Jumped as High as I could . The people that didn't make it over the bar had to the other high jump then it was time to switch over to the next activity.

The next activity was running and there were six or five lanes that people went in. The first row standed up and waited for the person that was holding the clapper to clap. When the second row that I was in stood up I felt excited then when the clapper clapped I sprinted as fast as I could then we switched.

The third activity was discus but the Teacher said the first one to find the lost disc will get a treat and We scarted.  When justice my friend found it he gets a treat and we did discus and our teacher showed us how to do it. We all got a turn but there were three chairs and the people that were sitting on them went next then we switch.

The fourth activity was javelin and I was the one that marks the farist throw. There were three items to use their were a green ball a grey ball and a bean bag but I had to throw the javelin. When it was my turn I threw the javelin and the javelin accelerated in the air then it was time to switch.

The fifth activity was a sack race and tug of war. First we did a sack race and I jumped far and then we did the tug of war we did it by team vs team. When it was the red team's turn we won 1 then we switch.

When athletics ended we went to the netball court and then we went to our classes. I enjoyed athletics we did lots of activity to do. At the end of athletics Everyone was gasping for breath and every one's heart was pounding.   


Thursday, 12 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival

On wednesday all of pt England School went to hoyts at sylvia park for manaiakalani. Manaiakalani is a festival that classes make movies of them self. Some school’s came to hoyts at sylvia park to watch their movies.

All of pt England went on a bus to sylvia park and all classes sent two people to introduce their movie. We all waited for the movies to start then when it started we all saw our principal Mr Burt.
The first two people went on the stage and introduce their movies.

One of the movies that I liked was called Manaiakalani Man there was a kid that made a game then all of the electronics weren't working. The second movie was Don’t wake me up it was funny because kids were lip syncing songs and my favorite song was what did the fox say. The last movie that I liked was our classes movie it was stay young and All the kids in room eleven and twelve were in it.  

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non stop cricket

On Thursday my whole class played a game called non stop cricket.

‘My class was slowly lining up getting ready for non stop cricket and we were shivering cold’. Some people were fielding to get the ball and some people were batting the ball. When it was my turn I batted the ball as hard as I could then ran to cone to cone.

When it was my turn to field I was feeling exciting to catch the ball. Someone batted the ball I went to go and get it and put it in the hula hoop. I liked the game non stop cricket it was fun game to play the game. Every team got so many points and my team got lots of points too.

at the end of non stop cricket we slowly lined up and went back to class. I loved playing non stop cricket it was a really cool game to play. There were lots of people that were cold then they warmed up.

Athletic games

On wednesday four classes did athletics and the first game we did was throwing. There were bean bags to throw a ball in a sock to throw tennis balls to throw heavy balls to throw. When it was my turn I threw the ball in the sock as far as I could and it was accelerating through the air. When a teacher rang a bell it was time to line up and move on to our next game.

My second game was basketball and there were two teams. Teachers picked people to be in a team and every one in each team had a turn to get the ball in the hoop. My team got twelve points and the other team got three or four points. A teacher rang the bell again so we can move on to our last game.

The last game was a sack race there were four people in my team and if there was’t one person had to go twice. When it was turn I jumped as far as I could to get to the cone and back to give the second person a turn. some teams won the sack race but my team didn't win the sack race and some people cheated. A teacher rang the bell again and athletics was over and my favorite game was the sack race.

When athletics was over I had so much fun playing all those games. At basketball my team I was exciting for the game and I scored a goal.

There were four people in my team for the sack race and the team next to me had six people.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

dinosaur names


Flying Reptile
Swimming Reptile
Mesozoic Era
250 - 200 mya
200 - 145 mya
145 - 65 mya
65 mya -present day
(Plants and Meat)
Give some examples of the sort of things they ate.:small amphibians reptiles mammals and insects

How did it move?
Give some more information about how it moved: It mostly flew  and walked sometime

What are some of its interesting features?

it was the first feathered dino known to science

archaeopteryx had nasty looking velociraptor claws

one scientice wanted to rename it after the griffin

Screenshot 2015-10-13 at 10.43.41 AM.png

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

my job in the furtre

                                             what does a game designer do
A game designer makes different kind of cool games. Game designers name their games that they have made.Game designers make lots of different kinds of stuff for games. Also Game designer make characters for their games too . Some game designer create monsters for their game they make. Another thing a game designer does is that they have to make the terrains for there game.

                          My first game
When I grow up and make my game you are going to be stuck in a huge scary maze. In my game there going to be lots of deadly deaths. There is also scares that could give heart attacks or maybe not 50/50 and spike’s that has blood

there are lots and lot of dead people on lots of floors and walls. You have to survive as long and you have to not die. You have to run away from lots of monsters that want to kill you and eat you.

There are two characters one death destroyer and belmania and more coming up . Every character has a super move and pets to fight monster. I made my first part of my animation and I working on my second part of my animation.  

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

cross country race

Last week on Monday my school did a cross country race and it was long. The year ones went first then the year twos then the year threes then the year fours. When it was my classes turn I was really nervous.

My class went and lined against on a line that was on the ground. A teacher was going to clap to begin the race. The teacher said ‘ready set CLAP’ then off we went. Lots of my class got tired and  were gasping for breath.

My heart was pounding my legs muscles were aching and I was doing a steady jog. There was mud splattered their were kids with no shoes and they were squelching. lots of my energy was drained and I was lagging behind with one person.

Lots of my energy was drained and I was panting a lot and I was determination and perseverance. When I had some energy I burst into speed and when was tired i walked. When I was near the finish I  sprinted to the finish line and at the end We getted a drink of water.


Screenshot 2015-09-17 at 9.57.26 AM.png

Friday, 11 September 2015

Emily's wonderful pie

variation on apple pie
Emily’s Wonderful pie
by Jane cornish

Emily was a girl the bought a pie at the bakery and it was 'squishy squashy mincey to munch flaky bakey crispy to crunch' then along came a girl called Liz and asked for a bite of her squishy squashy mincey to munch flaky bakey crispy to crunchy pie.Then Emily said one bite then she took a bite then went.

Emily looked at her pie then along came Todd a boy he asked for a bite of her squishy squashy mincey to munch flaky bakey crispy to crunchy pie. Emily heard Todd’s stomach rumbling then she said yes then he had one bite and left.

Emily was about to take a bite then Lou came and asked can I have a bite of your squishy squashy mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunch pie I don’t like what I have Then Emily said yes Then Lou took a bite then went.  

A teacher came and said can it be with a ravenous sniff can I have a bite of your squishy squashy mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunchy pie and I will give you some of my maori bread then Emily said yes then the teacher took a bite then she left.

Emily looked at her wonderful pie,all nibbled and gnawed at and poked at and picked all guzzled and gobbled and chewed at and licked, it was almost all gone then she moaned and then she realised she was tricked then she saw Harriet with a cream doughnut. Then Emily asked for a bite.


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

fireman David's vist

On friday A fireman called David came to my class and said something's that a fireman does.
When your going to get the fireman job you have to go through a rat maze the firemen blindfold you too.

doing the rat maze is like going through A real burning house and it is training too.
Fireman David talked about when you get blindfolded, you have a string and you hold the string and never let it go.The firemen turn up the heat in the rat maze and it get’s hotter and hotter the further you go.

if you want to be a fireman you how to be brave and you have to be courageous. Fireman david said that a fireman never gets a break even on holidays. Being a fireman is a challenging job because you have to go in burning houses.

Another thing a fireman David said that the fire truck was like a toolbox on wheels. When you crash and you can’t get out the firemen have to cut you out. In a burning building there is intense heat and poison gas.


Friday, 28 August 2015


kiwisport coach


A kiwisport coach is a person that teaches you lots of different kinds of sports. A kiwisport coach knows lots of sports that they can teach you and know lots of skills.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

A kiwisport coach goes to different kinds of school. A            kiwisport coach teaches classes on different days.      Every kiwisport coaches sets up cones for how big the area will be for the warm up games. They teach different skills and strategies too.                                                                    

A kiwisport coach needs a whistle so they can tell you to freeze. Another thing a kiwisport coach needs is relevent sports gear. One more thing a kiwisport coach needs is cones.
If you want to be a kiwisport coach you have to be good at one sport. You have to be doing some coaching modules which are tests. Another way you become a kiwisport coach  you have to interview.

A characteristic you need to be a kiwisport coach is to be organized. Another characteristic you need is to be fit. You also need is to be kind to the kids.

Being a kiwisport coach would be a awesome job because you could play with kids and know lots of sports.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Our topic's

When we walked in the hall we heard Mr Burt’s voice shouting “Who has one dollar one dollar?” Then he said ”Number 33” and gave something to number 33. Mr Burt was being a auctioneer who was selling stuff to the highest bidder.

At immersion assembly every team showed us new things that  they’re learning about. Team 1 was learning about what you could buy with money.

Team 2 was learning about ice cream and team 3 was learning what jobs we would have when we are older, my job would be a surgeon and a policemen.

Team 4 was about wise choices when you make a decision and team 5 was about being financially responsible.

When I was in assembly I was excited what we our topic was and our topic was learning about jobs really I was excited.