Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My remixed game

Hey guys hears one of my projects this is not mine the credit goes to wrongfulranger0. here is the link to my one but I need ideas so if you have some tell me and I will give some shout outs for the Ideas. if you want me to change some things like the characters or weapons or anything else let me know on the game. Also if you have any game ideas please let me know and I will try my best to make it.hope you enjoy.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Deavays luandry detergent Jingle

Chosen Laundry powder

Words that describe the product
Green, liquid detergent, different shapes, fresh, powerful, poisonous,

Rhyming words 1
Rhyming words 2
Rhyming words 3
Rhyming words 4
Liquid detergent in different shapes
 No gain no pain
It's so fresh there's no stress
It's so powerful it's not powerless

Line 1
It's so fresh there's no stress
Line 2
No gain no pain
Line 3
It's so powerful it's never powerless

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Deavay lost in motat

Walt: writing a story about our trip
Justice Joshua and deavay went on a trip to motat. At the end of the day Josh Justice and Deavay had a little talk of what their gonna play the next day until they realized they weren't following the class and noticed they were lost and couldn't find their way back.

All three of them split up and went in different directions too try to find the way out and when they find something they will meet back where they were. Josh had found a open vent so he called out that he had found something. ‘HEY GUYS I FOUND SOMETHING’ yelled Josh. Josh started to walk back when something came out of the ground and grabbed josh by the leg and started to pull josh into the ground when his friends came and saw him.     

the monster in this story is off stranger things.
Task description: writing a story of us lost in motat. making up a problem and what happens and how we escape. writing it with our friends.