Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Term 4.
There are 3 groups for robotics. My group made a bin that can compress bags of soft plastic into small cubes like bags. We got a 2 small bins for a prototype. We drilled 3 holes on each side at the bottom of a bin and a hole at the bottom in the middle. in another bin we drilled a bigger hole and four holes around it. we tested it by putting a plastic bag in one of the bins then put soft plastic in it. we put the little hoops threw the big hold in one of the bins and pushed the 2nd bin into the 1st bin. we tied the plastic bag and pulled it put, it was good so after the prototype we wanted to make a real one.

EXT seminar

Extension has had their third paideia seminar this year. We discussed with each other about the topic we were given about obesity. There were 6 groups, Teachers, Shop owners, nutritionists, Athletes, Doctor and Parents. I was in the doctors group with Justice. One of the topics was about fitness and the lack of fitness. Me and justice had to write about obesity affecting children. 600k people die in the uk, 50% of Maori are obese and many more. I didn't really talk much only because I never really had anything for the topics. we should make a place for obese people to go and theres a certain weight limit and if you go past that you eat less.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Friday, 12 October 2018

Holiday 4


Me and my brother Izyn went with our auntie and cousin to gravity, a trampoline place. We got our socks which were blue and got a orange strap around our wrist.We move to the place were we store our things likes shoes and drop off our other socks and put on the blue socks. We had one hour to play. At the gravity I went to there was a dodge ball area, small basket ball area, a foam pit and alot more trampolines. The first place I went to was the dodge ball area. It was still like dodgeball but bouncing on trampolines. I got tired after and while so I rested near a fan with my brother, then I went back to dodge ball. About twenty minutes near to 1pm we got ice-blocks then after we finished we spent the last minutes at the foam pit. After the hour past from 12pm to 1pm people with orange straps had to get out.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Holiday 3


During my stay at my grandmothers house I have bought a plant from the warehouse. We also bought a pot for it too. The plant I bout was a mint plant and the leafs are used as food seasoning. I first put some dirt into the pot then took out the plant to out it in. The plants dirt and roots was shaped like a cube so I had to fill in the gaps. when I got home I put it on a window sill for it to get sunlight and water it daily.

Holiday 2


I had just came back from my grandmothers house from doing some fun things. On Monday we had my uncles birthday to celebrate, we took him to the warehouse to get him something. after dinner we had cake and then that was the end of the day