Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Term 4.
There are 3 groups for robotics. My group made a bin that can compress bags of soft plastic into small cubes like bags. We got a 2 small bins for a prototype. We drilled 3 holes on each side at the bottom of a bin and a hole at the bottom in the middle. in another bin we drilled a bigger hole and four holes around it. we tested it by putting a plastic bag in one of the bins then put soft plastic in it. we put the little hoops threw the big hold in one of the bins and pushed the 2nd bin into the 1st bin. we tied the plastic bag and pulled it put, it was good so after the prototype we wanted to make a real one.

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  1. How cool! Sounds like you worked hard and created a successful prototype. What a fun class. I never got to do robotics at school. Make the most of it, I reckon. Keep it up!