Tuesday, 22 September 2015

my job in the furtre

                                             what does a game designer do
A game designer makes different kind of cool games. Game designers name their games that they have made.Game designers make lots of different kinds of stuff for games. Also Game designer make characters for their games too . Some game designer create monsters for their game they make. Another thing a game designer does is that they have to make the terrains for there game.

                          My first game
When I grow up and make my game you are going to be stuck in a huge scary maze. In my game there going to be lots of deadly deaths. There is also scares that could give heart attacks or maybe not 50/50 and spike’s that has blood

there are lots and lot of dead people on lots of floors and walls. You have to survive as long and you have to not die. You have to run away from lots of monsters that want to kill you and eat you.

There are two characters one death destroyer and belmania and more coming up . Every character has a super move and pets to fight monster. I made my first part of my animation and I working on my second part of my animation.  

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

cross country race

Last week on Monday my school did a cross country race and it was long. The year ones went first then the year twos then the year threes then the year fours. When it was my classes turn I was really nervous.

My class went and lined against on a line that was on the ground. A teacher was going to clap to begin the race. The teacher said ‘ready set CLAP’ then off we went. Lots of my class got tired and  were gasping for breath.

My heart was pounding my legs muscles were aching and I was doing a steady jog. There was mud splattered their were kids with no shoes and they were squelching. lots of my energy was drained and I was lagging behind with one person.

Lots of my energy was drained and I was panting a lot and I was determination and perseverance. When I had some energy I burst into speed and when was tired i walked. When I was near the finish I  sprinted to the finish line and at the end We getted a drink of water.


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Friday, 11 September 2015

Emily's wonderful pie

variation on apple pie
Emily’s Wonderful pie
by Jane cornish

Emily was a girl the bought a pie at the bakery and it was 'squishy squashy mincey to munch flaky bakey crispy to crunch' then along came a girl called Liz and asked for a bite of her squishy squashy mincey to munch flaky bakey crispy to crunchy pie.Then Emily said one bite then she took a bite then went.

Emily looked at her pie then along came Todd a boy he asked for a bite of her squishy squashy mincey to munch flaky bakey crispy to crunchy pie. Emily heard Todd’s stomach rumbling then she said yes then he had one bite and left.

Emily was about to take a bite then Lou came and asked can I have a bite of your squishy squashy mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunch pie I don’t like what I have Then Emily said yes Then Lou took a bite then went.  

A teacher came and said can it be with a ravenous sniff can I have a bite of your squishy squashy mincey to munch flakey bakey crispy to crunchy pie and I will give you some of my maori bread then Emily said yes then the teacher took a bite then she left.

Emily looked at her wonderful pie,all nibbled and gnawed at and poked at and picked all guzzled and gobbled and chewed at and licked, it was almost all gone then she moaned and then she realised she was tricked then she saw Harriet with a cream doughnut. Then Emily asked for a bite.


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

fireman David's vist

On friday A fireman called David came to my class and said something's that a fireman does.
When your going to get the fireman job you have to go through a rat maze the firemen blindfold you too.

doing the rat maze is like going through A real burning house and it is training too.
Fireman David talked about when you get blindfolded, you have a string and you hold the string and never let it go.The firemen turn up the heat in the rat maze and it get’s hotter and hotter the further you go.

if you want to be a fireman you how to be brave and you have to be courageous. Fireman david said that a fireman never gets a break even on holidays. Being a fireman is a challenging job because you have to go in burning houses.

Another thing a fireman David said that the fire truck was like a toolbox on wheels. When you crash and you can’t get out the firemen have to cut you out. In a burning building there is intense heat and poison gas.