Wednesday, 9 September 2015

fireman David's vist

On friday A fireman called David came to my class and said something's that a fireman does.
When your going to get the fireman job you have to go through a rat maze the firemen blindfold you too.

doing the rat maze is like going through A real burning house and it is training too.
Fireman David talked about when you get blindfolded, you have a string and you hold the string and never let it go.The firemen turn up the heat in the rat maze and it get’s hotter and hotter the further you go.

if you want to be a fireman you how to be brave and you have to be courageous. Fireman david said that a fireman never gets a break even on holidays. Being a fireman is a challenging job because you have to go in burning houses.

Another thing a fireman David said that the fire truck was like a toolbox on wheels. When you crash and you can’t get out the firemen have to cut you out. In a burning building there is intense heat and poison gas.


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