Friday, 31 August 2018

How the angler fish got its light

We had to make a pourquoi tale about how something is to be.
How the angler fish got its light

Long  ago in the deep dark sea the Angler always stumbled into things because he couldn't see well in the dark. Angler preyed on little fish that he could find but since it was dark he usually finds a little. 
“Fishy Fishy Fishy!” called out Angler 
He felt something With the tip of his fin so... he tried to bite it, he bit a rock
All the fish laughed at it's, so he continued on.

“Ouch” He bumped into something.
“Hey! Who dares bump into me” said ??? “HELLO!?!”
Angler ignored it and swam away, after a while angler could see something shiny in the water.
“Woah I wonder what that is” said angler “Lets check it out”
He swam over to this shiny thing, it was placed in a rusty old shipwreck. The Shiny thing was small and when Angler went to get it but a school of cookie cutter sharks came out of the wreck. For some reason they didn't notice angler was their so the just swept him away.
“No stop, no shiny thinggggggggggggg” said angler as he was being swept away by the school of cookiecutter sharks.
Angler fish woke up to see the shiny thing in front of him.
“Oh there you are shiny thing” said angler, he tried swimming to it but he couldn't get it. “OUCH!” said angler when he went to bite the shiny thing. 

He wondered why he got hurt but then he slowly realised that the shiny thing was stuck on him. He was confused how it got stuck but remembered that thing he ran into was slimy. He could see better now because of they shiny light in front of him. He saw little fishes but instead of him swimming to them, they were swimming to him because they were attracted to the Shiny light. He was admired and he was happy about that.

get it?

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  1. Interesting story Deavay I like how you focussed your story around an unusual creature. It's good to see you using dialogue in your writing. Can I suggest that you read your writing back to yourself aloud? This may help you identify silly mistakes.