Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Deavay setting description

Writing a task four descriptions

Task description: writing about four different settings. looking at the settings and writing what they look like. adding anything that will make the writing intresting

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Deavays Monster Description

 Walt: write a character description 
 Task Description: Writing about four monsters from cartoons about what the look like in our description. Looking at the monsters seeing what they look like then describing them. Telling our readers what we think they look like

Friday, 10 June 2016

Deavays Ultron

Walt: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)
One day the Avengers were in their tower talking about their next fight while training.While their training boom there was an explosion ‘What was that’ Thor asked Bruce then he ran into Tony's  lab. Thor saw a grey robot attacking Tony ‘Ultron’. ‘ Yes and my plan will wipe out the Avengers and I will defeat you Won’t stop me’. Ultron Flew out the giant hole in the tower going south.
Thor said to the rest of the Avengers ‘Tony got attacked by Ultron’ ‘Ultron!’ said Bruce. ‘Ultron said that he had a plan that will wipe us out the he flew away’ said Thor. ‘which direction did Ultron went’ said black widow ‘Ultron went south’ said Tony. ‘Why are we Just standing around for we got a robot to catch or destroy come on let's go’ said
Captain america. Tony got suited up to become Iron man and Bruce got angry (somehow) and became hulk
The Avengers went south Looking for Ultron until Iron man spotted him and rushed down to the building. When the Avengers entered the building they were attack by Ultrons. ‘Ultron Ultron Ultrons why is there so many Ultrons’ Ask Captain america 
 ‘Ultron building more of himself said Thor’.

Task Description: Writing our version of Age of Ultron and Captain america civil war. Choosing what we want to write about. Choosing an image of both movies for middle start or end.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mr goodwins new car

Walt: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)
Mr Goodwin's new car is as dark as a oak wood tree. It has rough green seats at the back, and comfortable green seats at the front. It has three coffee cup holders too. Mr Goodwin's car can go one hundred mph and can hold five people. His car's boot can hold twenty suitcases and three fold up chairs. The glove box in Mr Goodwin's car can hold his laptop and his bag. His car lights are as bright as fire. Mr Goodwin's car has a burger maker.

I was strolling along GI I was really bored until I found a mysterious dark brown car. I was curious to see who’s car it was so I went closer to investigate. In the car there were five green seats the window was a little bit open and there was empty glass cup in there.  I decided to take the glass cup until all of a sudden I see a person was going to hop in the car. I hid at the back and I took a burger and the door creaked open. I was surprised of who would come in the car. Then the last part of my brain exploded when I saw that Mr Goodwin was the owner. I popped up and said ‘Hi’ and Mr Goodwin said ‘how did you get in here?” ‘you're car wasn't locked.

Task description. Today we had to buddy up and I worked with Joshua belt. We wrote one sentence then we swapped. We had to write about Mr Goodwin's new car.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Deavay Maths Problem

Walt: solve problems using decimals. 
Task description: Adding up the decimals and Units. Using Kg and Km with the numbers. Working and showing our answer and how we work it out on our maths book.