Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Deavay's Dinobot

The Dinobot is a powerful dinosaur that can bust down trees rocks and can beat other dinosaurs that are bigger. The Dinobot lived in the early cretaceous period and it is a very strong dinosaur. This Dinobot has serrated teeth like a chainsaw and when its teeth are dull they fall out and grow back in 20 seconds.

The dinobot can lay 78 eggs but only 34 grows up into adults and the other ones get eaten or wanders off and drowns in the water. The name Dinobot means king of the bots and there are hundreds of species and they are immune to water but not the baby Dinobots it's Immune to fire and immune to trees and rocks if they fall on them. The size of the dinobot is 159 meters tall and it is 90 meters wide.  

The Dinobot has different enemies and they are called the karakaorapter the killidactyl and there are others. The Dinobot is really fast and can run up to two thousand three hundred and eighty nine mps and can jump up to 29 meters high. The Dinobot is a good climber because it has the bulldozers scoopers for feet to climb up steep mountains and volcanos when they don’t erupt.

The Dinobots weakness is lava rocks from volcanoes but not regular rocks. When the Dinobots hatchlings are born the mother protects them from predators and the father goes out hunting for food for the hatchlings. All Dinobots can eat nine hundred pounds of meat and can still be in shape and it can eat one thousand humans in one gulp.

One Dinobot can easily take down two Triceratops and a stegosaurus at the same time without a single scratch. A dinosaur with hard enough teeth to bite the Dinobot and the dinosaur that has hard  enough claws to be able to scratch the Dinobot too. The Dinobot likes to live in the forest because there are lots of herbivore in the forest.