Thursday, 25 May 2017

2 Kids comparison

Walt:Writing a comparison about two kids.

Task description: Writing how long the travel will likely take. writing what we would do during the travel.tell the reader what were using to travel . comparing how different the two kids are.  

Dear Diary

Walt: write in a diary in different times.
Task Description: Writing what traveling in different time eras would be like. writing what we would or did do while traveling. telling the reader what it would be like traveling on a boat and plane.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Fishing lures

Walt: Think critically about we read.
Task Description: designing Fishing Lures of the colors the fishes like. Explaining whats the difference about Fishing lures and Fishing Hooks. Explaining what Hooks and lures are for.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

This week my number is...

Walt: choosing a 3 by 3 number 
Task Description: choosing a 3 by 3 or 4 by 4 number.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Deavay emersion assemply term two 2017

Walt: Using exciting language
On they first day of term 2 on monday we had an immersion assembly. At they hall there was a table that had a pc and different kinds of laptops/chromebooks. All the team's had a short movie to show what they were doing and what the will be learning about..

This terms topic is Now That's Thinking. Team 1/3s movie was about kites. Team ones movie was about 4 kites for matariki and four female teachers. Team threes movie was about the stars and how the got there. Team two's movie was making kites like team ones movie. Team fives movie was about fixing and they were building a garden for their class.

Team four was learning about what technology the maori people used in the before they pakeha people came. One of mr goodwin's Ideas (In the movie) was learning about a flux capacitor for a time machine. In team fours movie all the teachers in team 4 discussed what they were going to teach the kids.

I want to learn about technology and how it's works and what kind of technology we used in the past. I want to learn how planes and cars worked in the past. I also want to learn what kind of weapons maori people used in the past. I want to learn how maori people lived and what they did to entertain themselves.

I'm like the topic for term 2 but I thought it's was about drawing because there were drawings of car, people, helicopters and more. I wonder what next term's topic will be and they next thing we're gonna do.
Task description: writing a recount from the first day of term 2 on 2017. explaining what had happen and what was there. explain things the happened in the team movies and what happened in the movies .
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