Monday, 3 December 2018

Francis 2

Francis 2

After the incident of Francis brandywine no one would want to go quetico park. But a child named Steve wandered in at night. At the age of 9 Steve have seen the news and heard rumors about Francis brandywine. Like a little boy in a horror movie he went to see it's for himself. He wondered If he could find anything from Francis. He had a map of the lake, with an part of the map circled.

Steve had brought his backpack with a drink (Juice) and food (Chips). Steve had been walking for along time and has gotten tired. Steve has reached the lake. Steve searched around but couldn't find anything. Steve heard a noise, he checked around looking for what made it. The noise went louder, until it's was behind him. Steve turned around but couldn't do anything because he was pulled in.

To be continued?

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