Friday, 17 August 2018

Physical activity

Some people may don't exercise, some people people do. In this template I will explain why physical exercise is good for our health. It will include what it does, how you can do you and how it's good  

A lot of people know when you exercise you lose weight but it lowers your blood pressure. Exercising also can Lower the risk of heart disease, heart attack and more. Exercising also helps with you brain by pumping more oxygen to it's, increases the size of hippocampus and helps with you memory.

There are many ways to exercise that even includes household activities. Basic way to do physical exercising are running and others  but swimming, stair climbing, tennis, squash, or dancing can count too. Household things like extreme mopping also count.

Exercising helps your brain with your memory and improves your mood and sleep while reducing your stress and your anxiety. Your heart rate and blood pressure goes down, which decreases your risk for a number of diseases you could get. If you don’t exercise you will have an shorter life.

Exercise is really important physical and mentally. Go out or a run, dance or mop really hard. It's not hard but also eat healthy or have an balanced diet.

Benefits of exercise - lyrics

Benefits of exercise - lyrics
My Demons parody

Fitness! Fitness!

Everyone is getting lazy  

They are just sitting, watching the TV screen

No one is running

Getting no air for their brain

If they just sit their, they are gonna have a heart attack

have a heart attack

Take me and i'll Run

I'll keep exercising again (again, again)

Do not be lazy

So you don't get a stroke pass away (away, away)

Train me so I can be