Friday, 29 May 2015

maths with deavay

                                                                Hi my name is deavay this is my maths so the answer for this is
                                                                258 +238=865

Thursday, 14 May 2015


the marshmallow monster

Once upon a time, there was a young boy sitting on a log he was camping by himself roasting a marshmallow on a stick. He was in a small clearing by a dark forest, next to a swamp.

The boy heard a sound and it was a monster it was slime green with sharp pointy teeth. The boy was scared he didn't know what to do, when he turned around he felt scared.                                                                                            
Jimmy used the stick with the marshmallow on it like it was a sword. When the monster saw the marshmallow the monster transformed into a funny dog. Jimmy gave the marshmallow to the monster and the monster did some tricks like balancing on his tail and rolling over but then, Jimmy realised there was one marshmallow left.                                                                                              When Jimmy had no more marshmallows left the monster became angry. Jimmy ran away from the monster but he stumbled over, the monster went towards Jimmy, he was angry. Jimmy was scared.  

Jimmy showed the monster a pillow and the monster thought it was a giant marshmallow, the monster was in marshmallow heaven. Jimmy threw the pillow as hard as he could then he ran away. The monster saw Jimmy’s campfire and walked over to it and put the pillow on a stick so that he could roast it. The monster tried to roast the pillow, but the pillow incinerated into ashes.  

Friday, 1 May 2015

picnic trip

On friday there was a school picnic for point england school and it was at point england reserve and it was a beach and it was a cloudy class geted to play in the water when it was our time and there was a sand caselt building contest.There was someone that gave me there clay and I wanted more clay but it was a long walk there was a place on the beach to get clay. when I was at there I got some more clay and rubbed it in the water to make it all slimy and stick them together.I geted to swim in the water and it was fun in the water I could not go far because we would druon so the teachers showed us how far we could go.
I felt excited about the picnic and I had so much fun but we had to leave and go back to point england school and go to back home

ANZAC dawn parade

Before dawn broke it was still pitch black and at the ackland museum there was a dawn parade.At the dawn there were thousands of people at the dawn parade some old soldiers marching to the middle of the dawn parade.There was a bugle that played the last post the dawn parade was for to remember the people that died in world war one.

Lest we forget the soldiers in world war one we were poppies to remember the soldiers in world war one.There were millions of people at the dawn parade and the general placed down flowers on the reef.

immersion assembly

On Monday morning I walked into the hall, I was with my class and we were going to our immersion assembly. We had the assembly to find out what we will be learning about this term. All of the teams made a movie, except for one .When my class sat down we saw people making pikelets with cream and strawberry jam on the pikelets.My favourite part of the immersion assembly was when Mr Barks very carefully carried out his hovercraft.His hovercraft was made successfully out of plywood, plastic, tape and a leaf blower.It was entertaining Mr Barks hovercraft acksile works and Mr Barks got someone to test the hoverboard.
Term ones movie was about healthy body healthy smile and healthy playground.Healthy body means that you to have a healthy lunch like apples bananas sandwiches carrots.Healthy playground means no rubbish on the playground or drinks.I had fun watching all the movies that term 1 2 3 4 made the superhero one was funny.