Thursday, 14 May 2015

the marshmallow monster

Once upon a time, there was a young boy sitting on a log he was camping by himself roasting a marshmallow on a stick. He was in a small clearing by a dark forest, next to a swamp.

The boy heard a sound and it was a monster it was slime green with sharp pointy teeth. The boy was scared he didn't know what to do, when he turned around he felt scared.                                                                                            
Jimmy used the stick with the marshmallow on it like it was a sword. When the monster saw the marshmallow the monster transformed into a funny dog. Jimmy gave the marshmallow to the monster and the monster did some tricks like balancing on his tail and rolling over but then, Jimmy realised there was one marshmallow left.                                                                                              When Jimmy had no more marshmallows left the monster became angry. Jimmy ran away from the monster but he stumbled over, the monster went towards Jimmy, he was angry. Jimmy was scared.  

Jimmy showed the monster a pillow and the monster thought it was a giant marshmallow, the monster was in marshmallow heaven. Jimmy threw the pillow as hard as he could then he ran away. The monster saw Jimmy’s campfire and walked over to it and put the pillow on a stick so that he could roast it. The monster tried to roast the pillow, but the pillow incinerated into ashes.  

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