Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Today in room 4 we made shapes using clay. we had to make 3D shapes for the Juniors to use. I made three big spheres at the body and head, two cuboids and three small spheres, I made a penguin, I call him pingu. I made two others things, a snowman and a tree. everything getting a little broken mostly my snowman. if you could make a shape or thing  what would it be.

Monday, 26 March 2018


we had a talk about our attitude with tony your choices where otter (being a clown), lion (leader), golden retriever (makes peace) and a beaver (hard worker). I think ill be otter and golden retriever maybe lion. tony talked about where we get our things from. if you are tall then you may have tall parents or one tall one. he said that we can change by our choices, if someone is bad you can try help them be good. 

your actions can affect others.  I think that when we make a bad choice and keep doing bad choices we would eventually do things that will affect other people but if you apologize for what you did you might save lives (maybe not lives). If I were able to change time I Might change the bad things in the world it would make something else happen. if I could change something thing it would be everything that would be bad in the present time like thief's. if you could change something what would it be?