Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Year 6 camp 2017

On tuesday 21 2017 september at 7 am we were in the hall waiting to go on the bus. When it was time to get on the bus we went groups at an time and had to out our big bags on an compartment in the bus. When we where finished we went on a ferry to get to kawau island. I was in mansion the other team's where katz, kawau and bentzon.

They first day we went hiking up killer hill and go to the other side. Before we went to the other side we watched hopa put an rock on top of killer hill which is a thing we do everyone year 6 camp.. When we came back we didn't do much we went swimming then had lunch. that night we watched a movie call the prince's bride pt england year six camp have been watching for 14 years then we went to sleep.
On they first day we went on our daily run, when we got back we waited for breakfast then we started our activities. The first activity I did was kayaking with mr somerville, then I went raft building, than bivouacking which is making a hut then I went sailing. After each activities we had morning tea, afternoon tea, lunch than dinner. We played a game called spotlight in the night, the teachers had flash lights and had to find us before we got onto a deck, I won twice.  

On they third day we went on our daily run again and waited for breakfast. They first mansion b (my group) was doing was concourse short for confidence course after that we did they burma trail, we were blindfolded and had to get through a hill by holding a rope then we went orienteering we had an compass too find letters and decode than into 4 words. the last thing we did was abseiling, we had to climb a ladder than hold an rope and “walk” down a wall. Than we had dinner and did a performance that we practiced for 3 days. Mansion came 4th bentzon 3rd kawau 2nd and katz 1st.

I would like to thank the people that could makes year 6 2017 camp possible. I like too thanks they parents that came along and help us with the activities.

I enjoyed doing all of the water activities mostly kayaking. I learnt to go sailing in a sailboat and how to use a compass properly.

Task description: write what we did on day 1 2 and 3. Include pictures of what we did.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

EXT term 4

Thank you

WALT: write with a specific audience in mind. 

Dear Helpers, thank you for helping us with athletics day. I hope you have didn't have much trouble setting it up than taking it down. I hope you have enjoyed your day.

 I had fun doing athletics day but they day went fast and only some where exciting. It was an hot day and got a short break (morning tea). Some of the activity’s were kinda hard to do but most where easy to do. Many people were doing athletics day and was kinda hard to find your activity sometimes.

My favorite part of athletics day was the relays. In the relays we had an ladder on the floor and had too jump in between the spaces, then we had to jump over 2 hurdles run around an pole, then tag the other person to go. Soon we had to skip twice with a skipping rope and do 2 push ups then run back. Than we had to under they hurdles.

 Next year I will try my best at the activities that I didn't do best at. Next year I will be better at cheering for my team or other people. Next year I hope we get an little more time doing the activities or add more activities.

I have learnt not too stand behind someone in dodge ball. I enjoyed playing dodge ball, relays and other things too.

Task description: Write about athletics day. write what we enjoyed and learnt. to thank the helpers for helping with athletics day.

Friday, 3 November 2017

term 4 animation

Descriptive writing

Walt: using descriptive language
task description: write three descriptions for photos. describe the two photos on each slide. (No offensive to Mr Goodwin and Mr Moran, I was told to do this as work). 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Walt: write our own limericks.

Task description: making our owns limericks that rhyme. telling the reader what a limerick is. including a image on our limes ricks.