Friday, 15 April 2016

deavays End of blogging

Walt:Telling all of my fan I won't post for two weeks.
Hi there to all my fans I’m not gonna be making blog posts for two weeks.I will start blogging again until term two which is in two weeks .in term two I will make better shorter or longer and different post about different things.
Task description:Making sure all of my fans now why there won't be any blog post. Telling all of my fans now when I start making blog post. Telling my fans what i'm gonna post and if there longer or shorter.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Deavays Fiafia

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.

Have you ever been to or seen a Fiafia performance before in your life?. We did Fiafia on a stage at pt england school. Every 2 years you can see a Fia fia performance a pt england school and if you want to see one you have to wait until the 7th of april in the next 2 years.  

At Fiafia the group I was in practised in between two classrooms and then we moved into classroom thirteen. We did Fiafia on Thursday, the 7th of April. We did Fiafia on the fields on a stage under a marquee at night. All of the kids and seniors did Fiafia and went in their groups they chose and practised and adults came to watch their children.

The group I was in is called Jump jam and the song we danced to is the ceiling can't hold us and our costume were black cloths with glow sticks. I picked Jump fam because last Fiafia the school did I was in Jump jam and my little brother was in Jump jam too. The kids and seniors had practiced for five or six weeks.

My favorite group performance for Fiafia was the Circus circus group. The reason why I liked Circus circus group was they were really really funny they did front flips and two or one people did it perfect and my friend Awathan was in it and his first performance he landed on his face.

When we walked to our spot were we sit I felt excited for when we got to do our performance. When it was time for the jump jam kids turn I felt a tiny bit nervous but excited. When the Jump jam kids were done we sat down and watch the other performances and I was shivering cold.

Task Description: Writing what we did for Fiafia. Telling the people what Fiafia is all about. Explaining when Fiafia is and what happens

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Deavays Problem solving

Deavays Family of facts 3

Deavays camp story

Walt: Writing about what when and where we had our camp.

On tuesday the 22nd of march The year five and sixes had camp and my group was The Kind Krusher. All of team four had to meet in the hall in the groups so I had to sit in the Kind Krusher. Our principal Mr Burt told us what activity to do first.

The first activity My group did was being able to chose Roller skating. Ping pong and playing with moon hoppers. The second Activity my group did was top town and we got to throw water balloons at another team. The third Activity My group did was baking the girls baked cookies and the boys made a fire to cook.

When everyone in school went home incept the year five and sixes because of camp after the activities we had dinner under a big tent on the field we had to get a plate and spoon. At night we watch a movie in a classroom and the movie was hotel Transylvania. When the movie was finished we went to our tents out on the field to go to sleep in our sleeping bags.

My favorite Activity was cooking bread and making s’mores we used lots of really Dry grass then stick and we put a dead Christmas tree and coal. The thing I liked about making s’mores and bread because we roasted marshmallows and got to eat some and when I roasted marshmallow it was delicious. When we made bread we mixed flour with baking powder and then spring water then rolled it and flattened it and I ate some of the leftover pastry then we wrapped it in tin foil then put in on the slow dying fire.

My second favorite activity was top town because we got to throw water balloons at another team. We also got to use a slingshot and shoot tennis balls to hit the other team's base. There was a long plank with hoses connected to it for people's feet to go threw and the front person had to say left right and the put their left foot in front when they here left.

When I had my first day of camp I felt excited for what we were going to do on the first. When I slept  in a tent I liked it but the wind made it like someone was banging the side of the tent. I felt a little weird when I did my Performance. I recommend camp because it is really fun with lots of cool things that I did.

Task Description:Telling every viewer what I have done for my camp. Writing some of the things we did at camp for three.

Deavay coding

Walt: understand why coding is important to learn.
 Task description: Writing what Coding apps commands Computational and programming are all about. Searching for a picture about coding.   

Monday, 4 April 2016

Deavays rangitoto postcard

Walt: synthesise information from across multiple texts.   
Task Description: Having to draw a picture of rangitoto and write about how to aviod a volcanic Eruption. Using hyper studio to draw the picture.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Deavays camp

The Writers name that wrote this is Yvonne when she was a year five. Yvonne fisrt went to camp at 2014 as a year five. The first Activity Yvonne did was Kayaking She also went down to the Beach with Mr Burt. The second Activity Yvonne did was baking with miss Jarman and Yvonne was baking Auntie dians cookies for her morning tea.

My first time going to camp was in 2016 and was a little like Yvonne's. The first activity I did was free time in the hall and we got to do was Roller skating bouncing on moon hoppers dancing to songs and ping pong. The second activity was making a fire roasting marshmallows and making bread. The last activity was swimming and it was a fun time.

Here is a link to Yvonne