Thursday, 27 November 2014

My fractions.

These are photos I took showing some differeat fractions

Aotearoa - Paint my Country

Mitre peak is located in fioldland and that is in Milford and it is nearly to a height of 2000meters. Mitre peak actually near five closeser mountains and people think that their is one mountain. Mitre peak is a prominent and we'll now-known peak on the south shore in Milford.

Able Tasman is at the top of the South Island and it is between Goldon bay and Tasman bay.
At Able Tasman lots of whales get straded on the sand and the people push the whales in the water.Their are lots of anmals on Abel Tasman thier are deers wild pigs goats and whales and lots of birds and more anmails.

Cape Reinga is the most northern point in New Zealand it is a beautiful place to explore. Cape Reinga located at the top of te lka a Maui.
If you want to go to cape Reinga top of te lka a Maui.
Cape Reinga is a beautiful place.

Wellington is The capital city of New Zealand located at the south of the north island.
Sitting on Cook strait and the ferry travels across the island.
wellington lies on three falts lines falt lines are like little cracks in the earth.
In Wellington there are little earthquakes everyday.