Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Deavays advice

                                      Walt: use knowledge and understanding in different contexts

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Adventures of jack Part 1 By Deavay

There was a 10 year old boy called Jack that Lived in outer space in his big moon base all alone’. Jack felt really bored but was a smart boy. He was working on a rocket with some food and water with a console and a seat. When Jack is bored he puts on his space suit and goes outside sits down and wonders how much smarter the people on earth got.

Jack has been working on his rockets for ten weeks and has nearly finished it all Jack has to do is load it up with fuel and it will be ready to go. Ever since he finished his rocket he was so excited to see how much smarter the people on earth Had got so he packed his stuff and put it in the rocket. Jack got in his rocket and checked the fuel tank if it was full because there's only enough to make it to earth he checked the boosters the console to see if the console is working properly and then he went off.

When Jack landed on Earth Everyone looked at him when he stepped out of his rocket Jack was amazed the nothing changed and he was stuck on earth so he got his own house and was going to school. Ever since jack went to space he forgot what school was all about and when he arrived at class the was twenty three kids and their teachers name was Mr Goodwin. Mr Goodwin said ‘Everyone welcome the new kid in class Jack come and share the things that you do’ and Jack says ‘Hello my name is Jack I live outer space in my moon base and came back down to earth I study planet in my space suit and I have my own house and yea that it’. 

Everyone liked Jack and he got three friends. After school Jack went to his older brothers house . (Jack's brothers name is Mark) . Mark had a bigger house then Jack and he gets around his house by Tubes and Mark had a underground lab where he works. When Jack saw the house he felt shaking and saw a crack and their was a riven in the way but Mark felt the shaking to and saw Jack and mark yelled ‘Hey little buddy you aright?’ and Jack said ‘yeah I'm all right’. The reason there was crack in the Earth because two hundred of Marks gunpowder containers exploded. The End.                              

NZ ski Fields

                                         Walt: use knowledge and understanding in different contexts.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Deavays advice blog

                       WALT:follow instructions and present work to a high standard.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

deavay mount wellington/volcanoe

WALT: follow instructions and present work to a high stranded.

Mt wellington was a volcano that has erupted ten thousandth years when there were no humans and dinosaurs in the world only birds and reptiles. People might think its just a mountain but it a extincted volcano and most mountains are volcanoes. Today mt wellington is still extincted and will for a long time and probably not erupted every.