Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Deavays Vocabulary

Walt: understand and use new vocabulary 
Task description: Writing what Design, Illustration, Realistic, Inspiration, and Design School mean . Using a relevant image and using image attribution at the bottom. Putting in effort in all of my learning.  

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Deavays advice

Walt: understand multiple perspectives and viewpoints.
 Task Description: Giving advice to a seven year old kid named Jude. Asking for help and asking whats wrong with drawing monsters and how to improve her drawing skills. Reading Judes problem and solving it. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Deavays hero description

Walt: use similes and metaphor in our writing
His Hair was as black
as a space, and as short as a two dollar coin standing up. His Armour is made out of ruby and plated with platinum like a missile proof military base. His weapons are as strong as titanium and some are as strong as uranium. One of his suits is able to create fireballs,  water fist, and earth spikes he makes lots of puns some of his puns are funny and most of them aren't. He can Time travel and he's Heat resistances, cold resistances, with other powers.
Task Description: Using Similes and Metaphors in our hero description. We made our Hero by using DC kids. Telling what our hero is about and there power

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Deavays Immersion assembly

Walt: Recount an event
Have you ever studied about comic books before at your school. This term Team four is learning about comic books at and drawing pictures to go with them. I can't wait for what we're gonna do.

This school's topic is  ‘As I see it’ and it's is mostly about art. Team one's topic was about what they're their favorite thing and Teams twos topic is about seasons like winter, spring, summer,and autumn,. Team threes topic is about Architecture so like decorating a building to make it look nice. Team fives topic is about kayak races.

My classes topic is about comic books,  superheros, villains and sequential art. Teams fours movie was like there were five heros and one villain. The villain's name was bear baxindine, and the five hero's names were Bat guy, Wondering Woman, and the Team Leader America, and two other amutuer heros. The movie was about Bear Baxindine stealing Bobby Jons chromebook the amuture hero spotted bear baxindine tried to stop him but they were defeated and captured.The Teacher Vengers

I want to learn how to draw the hero's different like Iron Man but with his different suits. I like watching Marvel and DC videos and movies and i’m planning to watch Batman vs Superman. I hope we get to make my own comic with different Villains Heros a different city with different disasters.

I thought new School theme was really cool because it was about Art and I like drawing and drawing is like art but with a pen or pencil. Some people said in the school holidays that theme is Art and I was excited.
Task Description: In this task I wrote a recount of our Immersion assembly and what topic every body had. I had to write Five paragraphs and they had 3-4 sentences in each.