Thursday, 4 June 2015

Mr Boldface

The Switch - Vancouver Film School (VFS) from Vancouver Film School on Vimeo.
There was a man called Mr Boldface who was just strolling along.He was having
delicious chips for his lunch and was slurping his fingers. Mister Boldface was enjoying himself.

Mister Boldface saw crumbs on his tie so he licked his fingers then he wiped the crumbs off. Unexpectedly a box hit him on his head. He gave an almighty kick to the box because he was so angry.

Mister Boldface glanced around and saw a tower of boxes balanced precariously. On the  tower there was a small box at the top and a big box at the bottom. He also saw boxes everywhere.

Mister Boldface saw a grey box floating in the air so he tried to move it but it wouldn't budge. He also tried to push it on the ground too.He was wondering why the black box wouldn't move he tried to but it didn't. Mister Boldface tried every thing so he climbed the tower of boxes to the top.  

When Mister Boldface leapt off the box tower he crashed on the black box and crashed on the ground. While on his back Mister Boldface looked up then he saw a red button under the shiny black box. Mister Boldface was going to press it then he hesitated then he pressed it.  

The black box span rapidly and then the black box stop the top part of the black box went back.
Mister Boldface got sucked in like a magnet and Mister Boldface's tie went in the black box.
Mister Boldface pulled his tie out then his feet went in the black box he tried to resist but then he got sucked in then it spun rapidly then Mister Boldface transformed into a box then the black box spat him out.