Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Deavays camp story

Walt: Writing about what when and where we had our camp.

On tuesday the 22nd of march The year five and sixes had camp and my group was The Kind Krusher. All of team four had to meet in the hall in the groups so I had to sit in the Kind Krusher. Our principal Mr Burt told us what activity to do first.

The first activity My group did was being able to chose Roller skating. Ping pong and playing with moon hoppers. The second Activity my group did was top town and we got to throw water balloons at another team. The third Activity My group did was baking the girls baked cookies and the boys made a fire to cook.

When everyone in school went home incept the year five and sixes because of camp after the activities we had dinner under a big tent on the field we had to get a plate and spoon. At night we watch a movie in a classroom and the movie was hotel Transylvania. When the movie was finished we went to our tents out on the field to go to sleep in our sleeping bags.

My favorite Activity was cooking bread and making s’mores we used lots of really Dry grass then stick and we put a dead Christmas tree and coal. The thing I liked about making s’mores and bread because we roasted marshmallows and got to eat some and when I roasted marshmallow it was delicious. When we made bread we mixed flour with baking powder and then spring water then rolled it and flattened it and I ate some of the leftover pastry then we wrapped it in tin foil then put in on the slow dying fire.

My second favorite activity was top town because we got to throw water balloons at another team. We also got to use a slingshot and shoot tennis balls to hit the other team's base. There was a long plank with hoses connected to it for people's feet to go threw and the front person had to say left right and the put their left foot in front when they here left.

When I had my first day of camp I felt excited for what we were going to do on the first. When I slept  in a tent I liked it but the wind made it like someone was banging the side of the tent. I felt a little weird when I did my Performance. I recommend camp because it is really fun with lots of cool things that I did.

Task Description:Telling every viewer what I have done for my camp. Writing some of the things we did at camp for three.

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  1. Hi Deavey you have a long story about camp can't you what just for the next year to come and you can go camp again, won't that be cool to go to your second camp and you will be doing everything again like what you done this year.GREAT JOB Daevey hope you enjoy next years one.