Tuesday, 22 September 2015

my job in the furtre

                                             what does a game designer do
A game designer makes different kind of cool games. Game designers name their games that they have made.Game designers make lots of different kinds of stuff for games. Also Game designer make characters for their games too . Some game designer create monsters for their game they make. Another thing a game designer does is that they have to make the terrains for there game.

                          My first game
When I grow up and make my game you are going to be stuck in a huge scary maze. In my game there going to be lots of deadly deaths. There is also scares that could give heart attacks or maybe not 50/50 and spike’s that has blood

there are lots and lot of dead people on lots of floors and walls. You have to survive as long and you have to not die. You have to run away from lots of monsters that want to kill you and eat you.

There are two characters one death destroyer and belmania and more coming up . Every character has a super move and pets to fight monster. I made my first part of my animation and I working on my second part of my animation.  

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