Tuesday, 15 September 2015

cross country race

Last week on Monday my school did a cross country race and it was long. The year ones went first then the year twos then the year threes then the year fours. When it was my classes turn I was really nervous.

My class went and lined against on a line that was on the ground. A teacher was going to clap to begin the race. The teacher said ‘ready set CLAP’ then off we went. Lots of my class got tired and  were gasping for breath.

My heart was pounding my legs muscles were aching and I was doing a steady jog. There was mud splattered their were kids with no shoes and they were squelching. lots of my energy was drained and I was lagging behind with one person.

Lots of my energy was drained and I was panting a lot and I was determination and perseverance. When I had some energy I burst into speed and when was tired i walked. When I was near the finish I  sprinted to the finish line and at the end We getted a drink of water.


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