Thursday, 12 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival

On wednesday all of pt England School went to hoyts at sylvia park for manaiakalani. Manaiakalani is a festival that classes make movies of them self. Some school’s came to hoyts at sylvia park to watch their movies.

All of pt England went on a bus to sylvia park and all classes sent two people to introduce their movie. We all waited for the movies to start then when it started we all saw our principal Mr Burt.
The first two people went on the stage and introduce their movies.

One of the movies that I liked was called Manaiakalani Man there was a kid that made a game then all of the electronics weren't working. The second movie was Don’t wake me up it was funny because kids were lip syncing songs and my favorite song was what did the fox say. The last movie that I liked was our classes movie it was stay young and All the kids in room eleven and twelve were in it.  

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