Wednesday, 25 November 2015

deavay museum trip

On Friday my class went to the Museum trip and there were choices to do. We all had some adults and some kids in my class went with them. My group had six people and their names were Joshua , Justice , Nytram , Awathan , Ayman and me Deavay.

The first Activity was learning what a paleontologist does and we got to hold a fossil. The first fossil was T-Rex hand it had three claws one big claw one small claw and a medium claw. The second thing I holded was a triceratops droppings and I had to hold it and smell it.

For morning tea we went outside the museum and we ate our lunch and had a little play. There    were lights for people to look at and there were seven lights. Then when it was time to go back inside the museum we packed our thing then we went.

The second activity was to find and write something down and tick it when it was done. My group was going backwards and the were lots of pages to do. The first place to go to was encountered but when we were looking for it we didn't know where to go and we got lost.   

When we were finished we the encountered place we did the rest of the places. We didn't get to do all of the places because it was time for lunch. We geted to eat lollies at lunch time and we rolled down the hill in clean rubbish bags.

That was my first time at the museum and we getted to see lots of things their. On the way back to school I was with my friends justice and josh. When we got back to school we got our bags and we sat on the mat and waited for the bell to ring.

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