Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non stop cricket

On Thursday my whole class played a game called non stop cricket.

‘My class was slowly lining up getting ready for non stop cricket and we were shivering cold’. Some people were fielding to get the ball and some people were batting the ball. When it was my turn I batted the ball as hard as I could then ran to cone to cone.

When it was my turn to field I was feeling exciting to catch the ball. Someone batted the ball I went to go and get it and put it in the hula hoop. I liked the game non stop cricket it was fun game to play the game. Every team got so many points and my team got lots of points too.

at the end of non stop cricket we slowly lined up and went back to class. I loved playing non stop cricket it was a really cool game to play. There were lots of people that were cold then they warmed up.

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