Thursday, 29 October 2015

Athletic games

On wednesday four classes did athletics and the first game we did was throwing. There were bean bags to throw a ball in a sock to throw tennis balls to throw heavy balls to throw. When it was my turn I threw the ball in the sock as far as I could and it was accelerating through the air. When a teacher rang a bell it was time to line up and move on to our next game.

My second game was basketball and there were two teams. Teachers picked people to be in a team and every one in each team had a turn to get the ball in the hoop. My team got twelve points and the other team got three or four points. A teacher rang the bell again so we can move on to our last game.

The last game was a sack race there were four people in my team and if there was’t one person had to go twice. When it was turn I jumped as far as I could to get to the cone and back to give the second person a turn. some teams won the sack race but my team didn't win the sack race and some people cheated. A teacher rang the bell again and athletics was over and my favorite game was the sack race.

When athletics was over I had so much fun playing all those games. At basketball my team I was exciting for the game and I scored a goal.

There were four people in my team for the sack race and the team next to me had six people.

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