Monday, 21 May 2018

Zoo writing


Jimmy was a little boy when he was living with his dad (8 years old). His dad would always leave when Jimmy went to school. “Dad where do you go when I'm at school?” jimmy asked. “I go to work” bob replied. (Jimmy’s dad name is bob). “What do you do? Is it like school?” Jimmy asked. “well it's not really like school but it's fun.” bob replied. When it was time for bob to go to work, Jimmy decided to follow him and see what he does. By the time bob got to his work Jimmy barely made it. As Jimmy looked up what he saw amazed him, his dad worked at the zoo. When jimmy got too they entrance his school bus came and forgot that he had a trip to the zoo today. He got in line and hope the teacher didn't know he didn't go school, the teacher didn't noticed him and brings everyone inside. (Jimmy’s classmates where Jake, Tommy, Lily and Jeff. Jake was Jimmy’s best friend and not everyone could go to the trip.)

When the teacher took them to the tiger exhibit Jimmy could see his dad. “hey JIm isn't that yours dad?” asked Jake. Jimmy nodded. Bob was gonna feed the tiger a fish but as soon as the lion opened his mouth, it roared. The Tiger tried to eat Jimmy’s dad (bob). Bob ran around the cage trying to get enough time to go through the door. Lily threw a rock at the tiger to distract it but the tiger kept chasing Bob. After Lily was Jeff, he through a rock at the Tiger and then Tommy then Jimmy then everyone threw rocks at the tiger. The tiger was distracted so Bob took this chance and ran through the door.

At the end of the day Bob and Jimmy went back home after a thrilling event happened. Bob and Jimmy watched the news and saw the tiger gets set free. Bob was happy he got out alive and JImmy was happy bob got out alive too.

The end

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