Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Museum trip

On Tuesday the 8/5/2018 the EXT group went on an trip to the Auckland museum. For they trip you where supposed to bring you lunch and a water bottle. We went on a bus to get to the museum and it wasn't to long (30-40 minutes). When we got there we walked into the museum, got introduced and split into to groups. The group I was in went to learn about the pacific ocean, our ancestors and other things (one of the things we got told us was we live in they only place that grow sweet potatoes).

For the next part we got split into three groups. Each group got too do one thing until we switched to do the next, they group I was in we look at old items from hundred to thousands of years ago (and photos of them). The second thing my group did was touching old items again from a long time ago, we had to wear gloves because the museum puts chemicals on the items to make them last longer. The last thing was making a case for common items in our house. I had fun doing these.

We had our lunch and had pizza to. After our lunch we got to go to a place in the museum. They split up the ext group into their years (year 5, year 6, year 7 and year 8 were in their year groups). place we went to was the volcano exhibit, their were rocks from volcanoes and we got to lift three rocks. There was a house we got to go inside and feel what a volcano eruption might feel like in a simulator house. In the end we went back on the bus and went back to school. I had fun at the museum.

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