Monday, 7 May 2018


Made by deavay

There was a boy named rayde he lived with his mum and dad. As he was walking to school he saw something random happen, there was a man making something in his house. Rayde decided to see what it was, he didn't think it will take long as he lived close to his school. As rayde peered into the house the man had vanished but the thing was still their. The thing the man was making seemed to be a fridge, a vacuum, a clock, a potato engine and a photo booth. Rayde didn't know what they man was doing but he thinks the man is crazy. When rayde got to school he saw they same person jump out of a window into a bush, again rayde checked it out and he was gone. it was impossible for they man to just keep disappearing because every could see and hear him. After school rayde look into they crazy man's house and saw new things, a computer, a bag and alot more potatoes. As rayde got back from school he told his mother there was a crazy man stealing potatoes, raydes mother started to think he was crazy. He told his dad and but he said that's a random thing to say.

As rayde was getting ready for bed he saw the man again but rayde couldn't tell what he was holding, it was either milk, more potatoes or something else. In the morning rayde found a potato on his blanket, he found another potato on his uniform and another in his bag. Rayde told his parents there were potatoes in his room but when the looked there was nothing. He checked they crazy man's house again and now there were even more potatoes and milk but when he turned he was getting sucked into the house he looked back but he didn't see what was doing it. He hit his back on the photo booth and fell down. He got back up and couldn't get out as their was glass in the way. He tried to break it but the booth started filling with milk.

Rayde tried screaming for help but nobody came. He felt something touch his leg, as he looked down he saw potato. He searched through the milk and potatoes but could find anything. As they booth filled to his chin the crazy man stood watching him. The booth was almost filled with milk, what would rayde do what could he do. All of an sudden he screamed loudly, he was in his bed not in a photo booth but he could still feel something wet.

The end
To be continued…

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