Tuesday, 14 February 2017

deavays tower of newspaper

Walt: write a recount about our experience.
Have you made a tower of newspaper? My class was making an tower with only 7 newspaper and masking tape, it's was fun. We all had to make a tower with a group of 5-7 people my group had five people.

Our teacher told us we need to be in an group so me justice awathan hopa and lepa. He said we only get to use 7 newspapers and some masking tape but when we ran out of tape we had to ask and why we needed it. We had some time to build our tower. But before anything we watched an video about teamwork. Than after we got some scissors and the newspapers and then we started to plan. We also had time to plan out our tower.

we got a sheet of paper to plan out what the tower was gonna look like and one of us was going to draw, it's was me.We had two tower plans one of them were just newspaper stacked on each other with two supporting them.The other was just news paper standing with an gap but with paper covering the gap and then newspaper on that one. We did the first one with two supporting the tower. There were other groups too one had the same idea but they didn't focus on supporting their tower they only focused on height.

When we started building our tower we rolled up the newspaper into an tube and then we taped it's to the ground. We started to roll up more and than tape it too the other and then I added something to help support it and then I added another newspaper to support it. When it's got high it's started to wobble so I added one last newspaper to help it stand and then it's stood up but the top was on an lean so we added some tape to make its stand straight.

When the time ended everyone team had to stop and let go of their tower my team's tower was high and tall and we came first. Second place was the team far from us and the group that came last was the group kinda near us just by an bit. All in the end my group came first then we put our towers in the bin, I tried to keep it's standing in the bin but the destroyed it's.

task description:building a tower out of newspaper. writing a recount of what happened. telling what we did and how we did

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