Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Deavays mihi

Kia ora my name is Deavay i'm a Year six student at pt england school and I like drawing. I like playing pokemon games and have pokemon cards. My habits are drawing play and I also play on my PS4. My family is separate so I live with my dad and sometimes visit my mum. My favorite movie is moana it's an very cool movie to watch and my favorite game is roblox. I also like infamous second son, minecraft, and roblox. I'm good at maths and like writing stories or interviews on games or movies. I have to friends but I only play with one and his name is justice he is into war im into space.

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  1. Hi Deavay

    I like your visual mihi. I enjoyed finding out some facts about your background. You obviously like gaming. Well done for completing it on time.