Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Deavay race

walt: Writing a recount
Have you raced across a field before? Well me and my class had to run across our school field.
We thought we were gonna open our Chromebooks and do regular work, but no we didn't. We  had to put our Chromebooks in a safe place put our shoes on and walk to the school field.

Mr Goodwin told us about the instructions. He said we had to sprint to one goal post back to the other, as if a lion was chasing us in the jungle. He said we need to be quiet, so we don't disturb the other classes. This meant we would not be able to scream or make ridiculously loud noises when we ran. I thought that this was weird, because why would we be yelling while running?

When our teacher Mr Goodwin told us to run me and my friend beside each other while we ran to the other side of the field. When we got to the other side we ran back to the side. When we got back we were very tired and sat down and me and my friend had a chat.

Our teacher put us in a group of 2 me and justice was in the same group. We thought we had to do more running but we were just getting a drink when we got to the taps we got a drink of water than lined back up again.

When we were done I felt tired and wanted to lie down because my back hurt. I didn't want too run across the field again because it's too tiring but it's not as long as the run. I hope you enjoyed my writing.
Task description: writing about a recount about us running across a field. writing how we felt and what we did. drwing a picture of what it looked like

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