Monday, 24 September 2018

The true story of Hansel and Gretel

           The true story of Hansel and Gretel

The beginning
Once upon a time Hansel and Gretel where strolling around in the deep dark forest. So the didn't get lost the laid down an trail of red stones ( “stones’ ). After a while of strolling in the forest they found a house made out of candy, so they started to eat the house. The house was sweet and sticky.
The middle
After their feast of sweets a witch came out of the house.
“Hello hello” the witch had said “Come in come in” calling to them.
So Hansel and Gretel stumbled in as the door closed behind them and was locked by the witch. Hansel and Gretel sat on the couch as the witch gave them candy. The witch opened the oven pulling out a tray, she Told the kids to come as water was being boiled.   
Hansel and Gretel came in the kitchen waiting for more, but the witch tried to grab one to make a dish called child galore. But they escaped to the living room. Hansel got a candy broom while Gretel was still looking. As the witch came in Hansel hit her head and she went unconscious. Hansel and Gretel hurls the witch onto the tray cutting off her arms, legs and head to throw into the steaming  pot of boiling water. 
After a while the pulled her out out the oven and took the arms, legs and head out of the pot. They placed the parts on plates and began to eat.

In this activity we had to rewrite a fairy tail and change it as much as we wanted but had to keep the original characters.

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