Friday, 28 September 2018

New Skill

Inquiry reflection
New skill: Kung Fu

After the past weeks Me, Justice, Lepa, Lyi Sorn and King (after a while Lehi) we learnt about kung fu. We watched videos about the basics of kung fu blocking and attacking, after that we had to plan out how to show our new learning. Our plan to show what we learnt, was like a classic cartoon (someone gets surrounded by thugs and other people then beats the thugs up easily). We had different roles to play in the act, I was a janitor, King was a hobo, Justice and Lepa where thugs and Lyi Sorn was the target. Lyi Sorn would be skipping Minding her own business then Justice and Lepa would jump out at the sides, King in the front and Me at the back. She would sweep Lepa as he runs towards her, Then she kicks Justice knocking him back then comes and knees me in the face (none of this is real). King would run up to her then get beaten easily. After lehi join we had to change kings part. Instead of king running too Lyi Sorn he and lehi stay in place and gets kicked and punched. Lyi Sorn would pile all of us on each other then place a flag (Broom) on us and say
“Haha losers see you next year”
“It's tomorrow” we would reply.
It was fun when we practiced and I really enjoyed doing it.

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