Monday, 18 September 2017

Star dome trip

Walt include a variety of sentence types in our writing
On thursday we were going on a trip to star dome it was three dollars to go, 2$ for the bus and 1$. We were in groups too. On the way me and my friend (we were in they same groups) and played games on the bus while waiting to get to star dome. When we got to star dome we sat down in our lines waiting to go in.  have you ever been in star dome before?
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Our teacher said that we arrived 10 minutes early so we got to play on the park. They park had an flying fox an tire spinning thing ( I don't know the name of it) and an spider web there was more to the park. After we were finished we got back into our lines than we went inside. What park have you been too?   

Inside the building near the entry there was a rocket figure made of lego. In the building there were rocket figures made of lego. There were telescopes, rockets, screens (with info about space shuttles) and other stuff. After that where went too do an quiz with our groups then we went into a dome to watch an short movie. Have you done a quiz about space before?  

In the dome  we sat on some seats I sat with my friend and we looked up at the dome and watched what happened. Before they movie we say we're jupiter and saturn was at night. When we watched the movie it was about finding a new place to live. When the movie was done we went onto the bus and went back to school. Have you seen a movie about space before?

During our trip I have learnt that we should take of earth better so we don't need to move planets. I also learnt that when making rocket figures it's easier too use lego instead of using a lot of money. I have learnt about titan have methane rain and methane slush rivers.
Task description: write about our trip to star dome. write what we did there and what we learnt. ask question about some things we did.

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