Thursday, 21 September 2017

EXT paidea seminar

I think that I have done good and spoke more then I have last time. I got to my goal which was to speak more and share what I though. I thought I did a good job with sharing my ideas for the topic. I think talking about our planet went good but the other planets said some good things about their planet.I think being civilised is good because there not many wars for land and the wars could be about jealousy. many people in the medieval age started wars for land and then when one kingdom wins they destroy the other kingdom they where battling but when they claimed land another kingdom would attack to claim the land but now wars are because of jelousy or something else. the topic for our seminar was is being civilised good? being civilased has its pros and cons (pros: good cons:bad). going back to when caveman lived we weren't civilased but now we are. do you think being civilased is a good thing or bad thing.  
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