Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Seminar review

The extension crew had a paideia seminar there were groups of 2 and my buddy was Justice. We could choose a perspective me and justice chose scientist. Me and justice wrote what we would say. Justice said most thing but not about us.We sat where we wanted to and a plate with chocolate marshmallow a lollipop and mini mentos.Everytime we spoke we got to take one of the lollies and eat it. We got a tick besides our name when we spoke or commented on someone else. We could talk about what perspective we chose or talk about what someone else is talking about. in the seminar I learnt that people are jerks to plants and want money. I also learnt scientist where the people who came up with the idea to burn coal to make power but didn't think about the air getting polluted BUT they could fix its in different ways. I learnt that people started to kill the earth and they didn't know they were.Next time Im gonna try to talk more and comment on peoples idea more. I could piggy back on peoples idea and I could challenge people more and ask them different questions. me and justice can challenge other groups and look threw different perspectives.

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