Wednesday, 16 August 2017

7 planets 7 men

7 men in 7 rockets ready to blast off into space to explore the 7 other planets and see which one is good to live on. The 7 men got into their rockets suited up and got in there seats and waited go.

All the rockets were big and small to get to certain planets. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!. 7 men blasting off into space in different directions going to different planets, all the men have found their location and stopped to stand on them

bob stood on mercury with his water bottle staring at the gray rocky ground picking up some rocks throwing them in a sack ‘living on this planet is impossible it's to close too they sun, we can't live here’ said bob throwing the sack in his rocket. Now he's blasting off again.

Donny got out his rocket standing on venus staring at the rock and dust, sweating off his hair cooling himself down in his rocket. ‘It's way to hot here it burned my lunch welp I got what I wanted, Man they second planet is way too hot’ said Donny Blasting off again and away he

The planet near the earth the third planet from the sun mars is the one, the forth from the sun, small and red can be seen at night. Mar colors is rust people say it red. ‘Mars is to cold it even froze my water we can't live here we will all be turned to ice ’ said damon getting into his rocket. Now he's blasting off again and away he went.

Jupiter the fifth from the sun, it's also a gas giant the biggest one to. It has lots of moons and their all big. Kooper landed on one of jupiter's moons and threw a can at jupiter. the can fell threw jupiter and got crushed. ‘We can't live on here we all will get crushed and the storms here are dangerous’ said kooper, now he's blasting off again and away he went

A rocket flew around uranus circling it while throwing things into it. ‘Nope not living here it's too cold we can't stand on everything and they sun looks like an little white dot, wel time to go back. Said damion. Now he's blasting off again, and away he went.

Neb went to neptune circled around it's for an while be decided to throw some old junk in it taking an picture too. Neb didn't bother to say anything he just started shivering and now he's blasting off again. Off he goes back to earth.

All the 7 astronauts in their rockets going back too earth the all landed getting out. They all realized that earth
was the perfect planet for them and they didn't need to leave.

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