Friday, 2 June 2017

Food review

               Minty surprise/turkish delight

If I could I would eat cadbury chocolate every day in the afternoon.

Everybody got cadbury chocolate but there were four different flavours I got turkish delight. I thought it was raspberry or strawberry because of they smell.

The minty surprise chocolate smelt like strawberry with an scent of raspberry. It's looked like there is caramel inside the chocolate. On they bottom of the chocolate it's was smooth and a little bumpy on the sides. They insides felt like jello and looked like jello and there was 4 little holes near the corners.

I think they could use an different chocolate with the minty surprise like minty surprise with white chocolate. They could add more of the mint or make it's more yum.

{L\I would recommend this because it's delicious and It cost 3.99. with scent of raspberry and strawberry

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