Tuesday, 14 March 2017

second camp 2017

Have you been on an camp trip before? Well I have. We had to bring an big bag full of cutlery bowls and plates other stuff and a sleeping. We did all sorts of activities and one of them were kayaking and we also went to the pools.

Camp is something that only year six and fives do and we sleep in tents on the rough ground (It was very uncomfortable) and do fun things. We sleep on our school fields and we get our own tent with other people. We stayed at school for three days and was at Pt England 2017 week 6. Our activities were kayaking, killer zone (it's a obstacle course), get lost, youth town and other.

Going to the pools was one of my favorite parts because it's was fun swimming but it's was cold but still fun. Another fun activity was kayaking because it's was my first time doing it's but it's  was really fun and cold. My last favorite one was youth town it was challenging because their were two team's but the team I was in lost and it's was hard.
I want to thank everyone that help with camp like the team four teachers and our parents for paying for camp. I also want to thank our leaders for trying hard to make our team win (presidents) and I want to congrat the sheriffs and principals for coming 2nd and 3rd. I really had lots of fun at camp but it's was the last time we did it's but we got year 7 and 8 camp next year.

At camp you will need a lot of teamwork because it's will work better with hard activities like with killer zone and youth town. I think the year fives and sixes should do this because this was an really fun thing to do and you will see what it's like sleeping in a tent. The hard thing about camp is paying and getting everything for camp.

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