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Deavay native birds writing

Walt: write persuasively.
Why do we need more birds in tamaki and what kind of birds do we need? We are losing or getting more of a bird, that we may or may not like. Some birds are dying because of what we do like littering or hunting because birds don't know if rubbish in the water is edible or not so they.
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I think we need more kiwis because there are 68,000 kiwis but you think we don't need anymore but we lose 2% of them so we lose 20 per week. After many weeks we will lose our kiwi and they will go extinct. Some people are trying to save the kiwis by breeding them and protecting them. There are 5 kinds they are the rowi, brown kiwi, great spotted kiwi/roroa the little spotted kiwi, and the tokoeka. Threats to chick kiwis are stoats and too adult dogs so when you walk your dog and see a adult kiwi make sure you keep control of the dog.
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I think their should be more bell birds because rats and stoats keep their numbers low and because they can be found in forests with low or no predators. You can help the bell birds by not throwing rubbish in waterways or storm drains and restore the bell bird habitat or take it's in feed it's well and keep it's in when it's night. You can also set traps for stoats and rats.
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We shouldn't had magpies because they eat bird eggs and chicks because they are omnivores. Magpies eat beetles, seeds, berries, small mammals, small birds even reptiles. A way to protect little birds chicks, and bird eggs are too put shiny stuff near them because magpies actually don't like shiny stuff but it's believed they steal them for their nest. Magpies are also closely related to crows,jays and ravens and magpies recognize them self in mirrors.

I think it's would be better if we could see more of the kiwis and bell birds and less of magpies because bell birds are heard before found because they sing. Kiwis will go extinct after an couple of weeks and bellbirds are only found on pest free island. Magpies eat almost anything so it could wipe out the kiwis but that's just an suggestion so it probably can't. I hope you enjoyed and tell me what's you're favorite bird and what you want too see more or less of.    

Task description: writing about birds we want and birds we don't want. Telling the reader why we should or shouldn't have those birds. Sharing information on the birds we write about and writing different kinds of bird species.

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