Friday, 24 April 2015

Immersion Assembly

On Monday morning I walked into the hall, I was with my class and we were going to our immersion assembly. We had the assembly to find out what we will be learning about this term. All of the teams made a movie, except for one .When my class sat down we saw people making pikelets with cream and strawberry jam on the pikelets.

My favourite part of the immersion assembly was when Mr Barks very carefully carried out his hovercraft.His hovercraft was made successfully out of plywood, plastic, tape and a leaf blower.It was entertaining Mr Barks hovercraft acksile works and Mr Barks got someone to test the hoverboard.

Term ones movie was about healthy body healthy smile and healthy playground.Healthy body means that you to have a healthy lunch like apples bananas sandwiches carrots.Healthy playground means no rubbish on the playground or drinks.

I had fun watching all the movies that term 1 2 3 4 made the superhero on was funny.

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