Wednesday, 1 April 2015

school picnic

Write a recount about going on our School Picnic Use the plan below to organise your writing. Choose some of the vocab Make sure you have effective sentences. When you have finished copy and paste your writing onto your blog and add a photo : Class Site - Media - Picnic - Take a screenshot Copy and paste our L.O.s as well L.I. EFFECTIVE PARAGRAPH (Highlighted Main Focus) ⚈ Start with a topic sentence. ⚈ Have at least 2-3 connected sentences. ⚈ Have sentences that are effective with . (a) varied beginnings, (b) juicy vocab e.g action/descriptive words (c) grammatically correct (d) punctuated correctly. ⚈ Have a variety of sentence types/lengths/complexities (e.g. speech,exclamation,statement/simple/complex/short/long.) Exemplar Interesting Beginnings Time: First thing In the morning After During Before long Finally Suddenly As soon as To start with Next Manner/How: With excitement Trying my best Looking carefully I Quickly Seeing Luckily Feeling Place: Sitting under Standing beside Looking out to sea With the sun shining Down on the sand Hook/Introduction: Paragraph 1 (to hook your reader in then to give them enough information so they know what you are writing about) When: Friday, cloudy, overcast day Who: Point England School Where The Point Why: to have a school picnic On friday there was a school picnic for point england school and it was at point england reserve and it was a beach and it was a cloudy class geted to play in the water when it was our time and there was a sand caselt building contest. Paragraph 2: Your favourite activity. Choose 1 only! explained the rules slippery slimy gluggy clay molded the clay energetic game of (Action Words - Volleyball, Touch, Soccer, Cricket) threw, tossed, sprinted, challenged, dodged, returned, (Action Words - Swimming) splashed, bombed, shivered, waded, squealed, Karaoke - nervous, waited patiently, in pairs, performed, There was someone that gave me there clay and I wanted more clay but it was a long walk there was a place on the beach to get clay. when I was at there I got some more clay and rubbed it in the water to make it all slimy and stick them together. Paragraph 3: Your 2nd favourite activity. Choose 1 only! I geted to swim in the water and it was fun in the water I could not go far because we would druon so the teachers showed us how far we could go. Paragraph 4: Conclusion How you felt about the picnic, I felt excited about the picnic and I had so much fun but we had to leave and go back to point england school and go to back home.

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