Monday, 30 April 2018

FiaFia 2018

On Thursday the 12th of April we had fiafia. we had to some in our school clothes and bring our costumes (I had to bring black clothes). There where many groups in FiaFia and my group was jump jam. While we where waiting for the other people and wait for thing to be ready, we could buy food and drinks (there was a tattoo stand too). when it was all ready we had to sit outside and it was cold and was raining, all the kids had to sit in the rain and wait for there turn same with the adults but had to wait for there kids. when it was some groups turn they were call up by a teacher to get into a big tent that covered the stage  and wait for there turn (after that you where told to go in the breeze and wait for your parents). in my group (jump jam) we got face paint (4 lines on your face > (='-'=) < ) and a bandanna (green or orange). I enjoyed fiafia and my favorite part was going on stage. The part I hated the most was sitting outside in the rain. have you been in fiafia? what group where you? did you like it?


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  1. Sitting in the rain at FiaFia wasn't very pleasant, but, what a wonderful night it was. Everyone performed so well. I hope that face paint came off your face easily enough.

    Enjoy term two, Deavay. It's going to be fun learning about forces and movement.