Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Finding a new planet

Walt: structure a narrative piece of writing. 
At year 4017 the earth is dying and everyone is panicking! Two people volunteered to go out into space to find a new Planet... and they also brought a pig. NASA brought the two men Called Deavay and Justice... Justice brought the pig. The Rocket was huge, and NASA explained how to work the rocket. They said it was hard but they thought they could do it.

Justice and Deavay went off into space, on the way they put on autopilot, “Man I wonder were gonna fi-” Deavay said while walking into a room. “Justice” Deavay said Justice went to him and found all the animals he brought. “I thought you said you were only bringing a PIG not a cow, fish, chicken, And an SHEE-” Deavays words were cut off when an meteor hit the ship and knocked it's off course. ‘What was that’ Justice said as the where about to crash into a planet.

The ship was heading to a planet made of Rocks But when the ship almost hit the planet it got pushed back. They Looked at the Planet through an telescope and saw alien looking things with cannons that pushed them back, Justice and Deavay decided to return the attack.They went to the armory to the weapons to counterattack, Me and Justice grabbed some melee and ranged weapons but what they didn't know is that the ship had weapons of it's own. When Me and Justice were about to return fire we didn't see the enemy but when we came close too they planet we were pushed back again and saw the aliens but they disappeared again.

Justice found an machine on they ground and saw that it's was making a force field and alien holograms, so Justice destroyed it and they force field was gone. When they ship landed Justice stuck a machine in the ground to see if this planet is good for us and was to check for water if anything lives here or if theres even oxygen. There was a atmosphere which meant their was air and it's was clear, there were plants and water but no life forms. Me and Justice went back to earth too tell everyone that we found an Planet and it's was safe.

We would take all they resources on earth and take them to the new planet and then build houses to live in for now, than we will find other resources like metal or make concrete to make buildings and hotels. And than we will build more advanced buildings and then when this planet dies we will find another planet to live on… and we will also make a farm… with pigs… and cows… and other animals.

Task Description: write about the earth dying in 4017 and Me and my friend Justice went to find a planet. we had to write a problem I wrote 2, one of them was a meteor the second one is a force field bouncing us back.

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