Thursday, 28 July 2016

Deavay if I was an olympics

Walt: use a plan when writing.

My time has come to go and compete in the Rio 2016 olympics. I have been trained to four years for this energy draining event. I will be a Champion and make the four years of training count. I will be the best, and win gold for my country. I am determined to win the olympic games and get gold.

My sport in the olympics would be Javelin because it’s about sprinting as fast as you can and throwing with all your might. Javelin is when you throw a small metal pole (not small like 3 foot) with a sharp end so it stops when it hits in the ground. I would compete in Javelin more because it would be more challenging than some other different sports. Javelin is when you need the strength to throw a metal pole far enough to beat other people’s scores for when they're javelin hit the land.

My country that i’m representing is New Zealand. The reason i’m representing NZ because i’ve been they're more than the country I was born which was australia but I have no idea what it's like. I am determined to represent new zealand and probably mayble represent australia too. (But i'm gonna represent NZ more than australia any way).

I think that competing in the olympic games would actually be harder than it would looks on TV. It would be both exciting and nervous because hundreds (or thousands) of people would be watching even people around the world might be watching. It would be excited mostly but I would also feel determined more than anything else.

One of my thoughts towards the olympic games would be how much people are gonna compete (maybe more than fifty) in the events. My other thought about the olympic games is who would win in the events they're in and how did they win. My last thought is how big is the stadium for the events and how much money would it cost to compete for the events(or maybe it's free).

Task description: writing what sport we would do for the olympic games and why we would do it. Telling what country we would represent and why we how we will feel. Saying what our thoughts are towards the olympic games.

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